Style lessons from Rome

Last weekend I was lucky to spend time in one of the most beautiful cities in the world, the eternal city, also known as Rome. What a beautiful experience it was: the views were breathtaking, the food was delicious, the people were lovely, there was an abundance of style and aesthetic inspiration everywhere.


But the most inspiring thing of all to me is the local lifestyle, la dolce vita. For anyone who wishes to reconnect with pleasure and enjoyment, a trip to Rome is a must. Coming from busy London, here I managed to completely slow down and savour the flavours, smells and views that this beautiful city has to offer. Sitting in cafes, sipping delicious Italian coffee, I spent the entire afternoon enjoying one of my favourite activities – people-watching.20131009-163325.jpg

And this is what I learned from observing the locals.

Style is important, even off-duty

The famous Italian sense of style is not a myth, people in the streets of Rome look stylish, yet comfortable. What you will not find here so much is the extremely polished glamorous style that is typical for Milan. The style in Rome is a lot more relaxed and casual. But going for casual and comfortable clothes  does not mean compromising on style or neglecting your appearance.

Here are some examples from the street of Rome showing how to do casual weekend wear stylishly and in a feminine way. Think asymmetric necklines, ankle boots, leather jackets, soft fabrics, such as jersey and wool, simple dresses with statement accessories and, if nothing else, beautiful handbags. Handbags and shoes make an outfit as Roman women prove.








While how you look is important, it is how you feel about yourself that gives you confidence and allure.

Beyond style, I was really impressed with how comfortable women in Rome appear to be with their femininity. They do not hide it, as so many of us often do. Even though I have not met many local women, just by observing them I noticed that they give off a vibe of relaxed confidence and allure that can only be present when a woman enjoys her femininity and her style.

This made me think about what can women (myself included), who do not live in the environment where la dolce vita is a standard way of living, do to get into that vibe?

These are the ideas I had in Rome while sitting in one of the piazzas watching the world around me:

  1. Take time to enjoy small things daily. For example, I decided no more drinking coffee from paper cups on the go for me. If I want one, I need to take a break from I am doing at that moment, find a space that inspires me and enjoy my coffee, slowly.
  2. Listen more to your feelings and senses, they are the key to reconnecting with your femininity and radiating confidence and allure. Is there a body cream that makes you feel beautiful? Buy it and apply daily. Does wearing a designer handbag make you feel confident and stylish? Invest in it. If putting red lipstick on makes you feel more feminine, find the right shade and wear it. I am now practicing going with what feels right rather than the ‘sensible’ option.
  3. Enjoy the way you look, enjoy your style. Take the time to get to know your body and learn to love it from inside and outside. Learn what clothes make you look your best, your most confident and radiant and say no outfits that don’t fit or don’t make you feel great.

    Enjoying dressing up in Rome
    Me, enjoying dressing up in Rome

If you wish to discover how to enjoy your style and how to look and feel beautiful and confident, book a free 30 minute discovery session with me.

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