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10 ideas for looking stylish on long-haul flights

I am writing today from sunny San Francisco with a huge cup of coffee (it’s a bowl really) on my table, looking at stylish shops, cafes and people around me. All my worries, to-do lists, cold London weather seem so far away, 11 hours of flying time away to be precise.


When I was on the plane yesterday I was thinking how much I actually enjoy flying. For me this is time to relax, catch up on my reading, movies, flick through fashion magazines without any guilt or distractions and simply daydream.

But, as you all know, flying long-haul is not without downsides. It can be very tiring, not to mention dehydrating, bad for posture and leaves us looking far from our best. What makes it less tiring and stressful for me is being comfortable (obviously) and stylish. Why stylish? Because coming out of a plane looking tired, scruffy, with bad skin stresses me out more than the flight itself. Looking stylish helps me to start experiencing my destination (be it holiday or business) immediately. This might seem an insignificant detail but it makes a big difference.

Here are my 10 tips on how to be comfortable during a long-haul flight and stay stylish when you leave the plane.

1. Cashmere. This is my absolute favourite fabric to wear on flights. It is warm, soft and so comfortable. It feels luxurious and looks elegant. It ticks all the boxes. I usually go for a cashmere sweater dress, soft tights and ballerina flats or flat boots,depending on a season.

2. Bring a beautiful warm scarf or pashmina to stay warm. It’s also the easiest way to dress up a plain outfit.

3. Easy to wear jewelry. I usually go for something chunky but light to add an instant elegant touch.


4. Hydrating mist to spray on your face. I love Avene thermal spa water or Julrique hydrating rosewater.

5. I drink herbal tea on long flights and avoid caffeine. We are all told to avoid caffeine on fights. I like to bring my own herbal tea bags, my favourite is currently ginger and orange, in case the airline does not offer what I want.

6. Silk eye mask. It feels so much better against my skin than the masks given by airlines.

7. Essential oils mix to relax and get some sleep. I love lavender and camomile.

8. Journal or notebook to jot down ideas. I don’t know about you but I always get ideas on flights. It must have something to do with being with myself and having the space in my head away from daily worries. Feeling inspired light me up, relaxes my face and body and puts a smile on my face (the best accessory).

9. Dry shampoo to freshen up before stepping off the plane.

10. Is it only me or does dry air on planes ruin everyone else’s beautifully manicured nails? Cuticles become dry, nail polish chips… Neglected looking hands can easily ruin the entire appearance no matter how well dressed a woman is. I use coconut oil or Moa Green Balm to hydrate dry lips, keep cuticles looking neat and any other areas that need extra care.


What do you do to look good after a long-haul flight? Please share your tips in the comment area below.