Winter life in colour

Winter is definitely on its way. As days get shorter and shorter, the grayness of the cloud-covered sky merges with darkness of trees and buildings, extra effort is required to stay in a good mood. Very often I find that on a gloomy morning, my mood tends to be a little gloomy too, especially if I have an early start. It does not help that most people are dressed in black and gray, adding to the natural grayness and darkness of the season.


Of course, there is nothing I can do about the weather or the current season, but I can add more colour to my life during this time to uplift my mood.

There are many ways to add colour. For me this always starts with my outfit. I believe wearing colour not only significantly affects our mood and state but also it influences how we are perceived by others and therefore can influence the quality of our communication and interaction with people around us.

Recently, I have been working with a friend, who has changed her career from a tired corporate employee to entrepreneur . She decided to change her wardrobe, previously made up of black and grey staples, and is no longer scared to add colour to her outfits, sending message to the outside world that she is inspired and confident. Another friend was wondering why people rarely approach her. The answer was her all black outfits (which by the way were draining for her light complexion) were saying: “I am not open to communication”. When I encouraged her to wear a lighter, brighter colour, not only did her mood change, but she could not stop admiring herself in the mirror and got a spark in her eyes, which was impossible not to notice.

Colour can change, enhance, hide, transform. Every morning I start with choosing a main colour or several complimentary or clashing colours for my outfit, depending on my mood, tasks that lie ahead, occasion and how I want to be seen. I highly recommend experimenting with colour in your outfits and observing how it influences your mood and even interactions with others.

Wearing colour can be scary if you are used to wearing neutrals, such as black or gray. Some people complain that finding colour in winter collections is challenging. But as with anything, once you start consciously paying attention to something, you will start noticing it everywhere. All you need is a desire and willingness to experiment. I hope these tips will be a helpful starting point.

1. The most obvious way to add colour to your winter look is to invest in a bright-coloured coat.

red coat

A friend from Spain recently complimented me on my coat in a bold colour and confessed that all her winter coats are dark, reflecting her “winter mood”. No wonder our mood worsens in winter. Not only is there less sunlight, but also we eliminate colour from our wardrobe.

I am a big fan of bright coats and encourage investing in a coat that is not black. We are often told that coat is an investment piece and should be as versatile and long-lasting as possible. I agree that coat is an investment piece, but black is not always the best answer, not to mention it does not suit everyone. My recommendation is to have several options in different colours, one of them neutral, either light grey, brown, navy, beige, camel or black (if it suits you) and another one in a brighter, lighter colour. If you consider that in many countries we wear coats for at least 4-5 months every year, doesn’t it make sense to invest in several different ones?

For example, I have a blue, a red, a purple coat and a coat in a black and white pattern.

There is a fantastic choice of coats in all shapes and colours this season. This is a very helpful feature from Never Underdressed, where the editorial team has selected the best coats online for us. My favourites include (click on an image for further details):

All Saints coat Eudon Choi coat varg coat eudon choi coat toast coast joseph coat zara coat coat

2. Bright accessories

If a coat in a bold colour is not for you or you worry you may get tired or bored of one colour, then think about accessories – scarves, gloves, hats, even belts to wear with your coat. This is the easiest way to add colour and style to your winter outfit and to personalise your winter look.

bright winter accessories

3. Wear coloured denim

The trend for bright coloured denim has been around for a couple of seasons. There is a great choice of jeans in non-traditional colours: electric blue, turquoise, red, purple or orange. Choose the one that works best with your winter sweaters and coats. Or, if you can, wear your summer jeans with warmer tops and scarves. Another alternative is a statement skirt.

I love turquoise. It reminds me of seaside holidays and instantly improves my mood.

4. Footwear does not have to be black

I’ll admit, most of my winter boots are black, but I am adding new colours too: burgundy, light grey, beige.

My new Bobbies ankle boots in burgundy. Beige ones are lovely too.

Final words on adding more colour to your life in winter… 

If you are going to wear black, make sure it suits your complextion. If it is too harsh or draning, go for grey (lighter shade), navy, beige or camel, depending on your skin tone.

blue coat
Blue works better on lighter cooler skin tones

Think about your favorite colour and find ways to add more of it to your wardrobe, even if it’s only a small accessory.

There are other ways to enjoy a more colourful life in winter.

Have a coffee or lunch in somewhere where you can enjoy the interior design and colours you like.


Add different colours to your meal, not only will you get more vitamins this way, but the eating experience will be more enjoyable.

Warm winter salad
Warm winter salad

Buy yourself a bouquet of flowers.

The best way to instantly bring more joy to your day
The best way to instantly bring more joy to your day

Further reading: designer Roksanda Ilincic has great tips on adding colour to your wardrobe.

If you would like to find out what colours work best for your complexion and how to add more colour to your wardrobe, get in touch to book a free discovery session.

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