Stylish mini-break in London


Earlier this week I decided to do something crazy by my standards: take a day off from work and spend this day pampering myself at the Berkeley, a luxurious London hotel. As I really needed a break but was unable go on holiday, I wanted to spend a day enjoying the sun on a rooftop by a pool and the Berkeley hotel pool was the only one I could find in London that would make me feel like I am on holiday. It turns out, there aren’t many rooftop pools in London.

So what’s so crazy about that, you may ask. Here’s what it is. Firstly, I do not ‘waste’ my precious holiday days (those working in the corporate world will know what I mean) on spending time off in London when I can use this time to travel. But having realised that having a day off was a need rather than luxury, I accepted that spending a day by the pool at the Berkeley would be a worthy mini break. Then I faced my second problem: how can I justify spending in one day in London what I would pay for a flight to a European beach destination? I don’t do that. Surely that is not a sensible way to spend my hard-earned money. And what if it rains? This is London after all, nobody can guarantee a full day of sunshine. Will this mean my money is wasted?

I suspect a lot of us have similar thoughts when we think about pampering themselves. We find excuses and reasons not to do it. I know many women who can come up with a list of at least 10 reasons in under 5 minutes, myself included. Why is it so difficult to really give ourselves what we deserve? Is it because it is not sensible to spend so much money on something we don’t really need? But who defines ‘sensible’ and who says we don’t need it?

Hoping to find answers to these question I committed to having my day off at the Berkeley. And here is what I discovered.

  • A day of luxury away from work and domestic issues was exactly what I needed. I now feel more in control of my life, I am not blaming others or the world for challenges I encounter and I feel capable of dealing with them.
  • By prioritizing myself, I send a clear message to others: “I matter”. I have noticed how differently I am treated at work and by loved ones
  • Money, as I am discovering is like energy: it comes and goes. One needs to spend it to get more. On the morning of my day off when I committed to treating myself irregardless of the weather (that would make my spending more worthwhile to my logical mind), I received money unexpectedly.
  • Allowing my body to rest and giving it what it needed – a day of relaxation – helped me to avoid a burnout and improved my physical state.
  • Slowing down and reconnecting with myself does amazing things not only to my body but to mental and emotional state too. I feel calm, creative, joyful and grateful for all the wonderful people in my life, for my work and environment.
  • Spending a day in beautiful stylish environment in the calmness of lavender-scented roof terrace gave me a lot of style inspiration.

Having enjoyed this luxurious experience I no longer consider it extravagant. Giving myself a luxurious treat when I needed it is one of the most sensible things I have done in a long time.









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