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Weekend inspiration

As the weather in the UK returning to its normal “mild but not very warm” state, I need to remind myself that the summer is not over yet.

Maybe it is time for an unplanned weekend trip to a sunny beach destination to help me feel the summer vibe again…

Sometimes all it takes is several days in the sun away from the city to slow down and recharge.

To get inspiration for my next mini break I am looking at the photos I took in Provence last month.



London style

My favourite thing to do in the morning on my way to work (but also during my lunch break and on the way back from work) is to admire stylish London women in the streets, on buses and on the underground. It makes my morning commute much more fun and often distracts me from thinking about my work emails and to-do lists. Plus, seeing beautifully put together outfits gives me inspiration and ideas for my personal style. It feeds my creativity. I feel so lucky to live in one of the most stylish cities in the world and have the opportunity to see first-hand ordinary people with a great sense of style that many street fashion photographers capture in their books and on websites, inspiring fashion trends. This is my alternative to fashion magazines, because as much as I like them, I do not always have the time to buy and read them.

Here is my attempt at street fashion photography. I hope these chic Londoners will inspire you as much as they inspire me.

smart neautrals with a splash of colour.jpg
Smart pieces in neutral shades with a splash of bright colour. Adding a bright accessory, pair of shoes or jacket is a simple way to add style to a work outfit.
summer brights.jpg
Summer is a perfect season to wear bright colours. It is hard for a woman not to get noticed when she wears red or yellow…
Summer trousers are fun – this season we can choose whatever pattern or colour we like. They look very comfortable too! An easy and stylish weekend outfit option.

Weekend inspiration

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Ever since my holiday break among lavender-covered landscapes of Provence in South of France, I have been fascinated with purple and its rich shades. It turns out purple is quite popular in London at the moment too.

This weekend I am inspired by shades of purple: drinking antioxidant-rich juices, made from purple fruit, enjoying Italian coffee in a beautiful cafe next to a purple and violet bouquet, wearing my new purple trousers, seeing beautiful purples in shopwindows, streets and gardens.